Great new changes for 2018

Neighbourhood Mail™ is one of the targeted direct mail services with Canada Post. Hemlock Harling is here to support you as an Expert Partner of Canada Post. If you don’t have a database but want to start marketing your business and / or products and to reach out to new prospects via direct mail without a customer data base – mailing list, we have a solution. Neighbourhood Mail targets postal codes & demographics – not specific addresses. Within Canada Post’s Precision Targeter™ application we have 3 choices to select a demographic.

Restaurant Sandwich BoardHere’s just one basic example of Neighbourhood Mail and how you can use it. Let’s say you are a restaurant owner and your postal code starts with V4N. You want to know the number of businesses within in a 2 or 5 km radius. You are looking at opening for the lunch crowd and you want to let companies know within that radius where you are located and what your offer.

We look up your criteria and look up the postal walks. As it turns out there are 1500 businesses within a 5 km radius that perhaps don’t know where you are located. So you design and prepare a menu, place a map of location, address, contact information. It is imperative to also include a call to action or promo code on the mailing piece so you can track the results when the customers come in or call for an order.

You have the quantity and you decide how many you want to mail to. We can print the flyer and then prepare the mailing and deliver it to Canada Post for delivery. That is just one example of Neighbourhood mail. So many options available when you don’t have a mailing list yourself. It’s all in the offer and the timing and now people know where you are. It is recommended to mail out a minimum of 3 times a year. Make a marketing plan and include direct mail in it! It works!

The Neighbourhood Mail service consists of printed and non-printed matter such as product samples that are not addressed to specific addresses in Canada. The service delivers advertising messages to more than 15.7 million mailboxes throughout Canada.

Neighbourhood Mail provides geographic, demographic and lifestyle information to target mailings to neighbourhoods or areas that have the highest potential audience. You have a choice.

Neighbourhood Mail accesses Canada Post’s database, Statistics Canada data and a combination of other data sources, the Neighbourhood Mail service provides unsurpassed coverage of both urban and rural markets.

What is acceptable as Neighbourhood Mail?

Items must be unaddressed but can also bear wording, such as “HOUSEHOLDER”, “OCCUPANT”, “RESIDENT”, “BUSINESS OWNER”, “MARKETING MANAGER”, “PURCHASING MANAGER” or “BOXHOLDER” without a destination address. Multiple formats are acceptable.

Your target addresses range from Homes, Apartments, Businesses and Farms separately or any combination.

What to mail for example:
• brochures • community newspapers • flyers • samples • cards • co-op mailings • inserts and enclosures •menus • catalogues • coupons • magazines • CDs and DVDs • envelopes • newspapers

Neighbourhood Mail Service enhancements for 2018

New size specifications as of January 15 2018. Introducing a bigger, faster, better Neighbourhood Mail service. The service enhancements will provide you with the flexibility to mail larger and heavier items, aligning to flyer industry standards and removing the need to fold your items.

You will see the following key service changes:

  • increase in maximum dimensions for Oversize items from 12″ x 9″ to 12″ x 11″
  • increase to maximum weight from 230 g to 500 g (Standard and Oversize)
  • increase to maximum thickness from 0.75″ to 1.0” (Standard and Oversize)

The table summarizes the new size and weight requirements:

Standard (max.)12 in.
(30.50 cm)
6 in.
(15.24 cm)
1 in.
(2.54 cm)
500 g
(17.64 oz.)
Oversize (max.)12 in.
(30. 50 cm)
11 in.
(28 cm)
1 in.
(2.54 cm)
500 g
(17.64 oz.)
NOTE: The maximum dimensions for non-letter carrier routes are: length 14 in. (35.56 cm, width 11 in. (28 cm), thickness 1.5 in. (3.81 cm) and weight 1,000 g (35.3 oz.).


Also introducing changes to delivery cycles, bringing campaigns to market faster. Some of the key changes include:

  • reduction in delivery from 5 days to 3 days for Oversize items up to 200 g
  • reduction in delivery for Standard items over 115 g (from 5 days to 3 days)

Neighbourhood Mail prices:

Click here for an overview of 2018 Neighbourhood Mail™ prices.  Your business may qualify for discounts and/or rebates from time to time as part of Canada Post’s promotional campaigns or in exchange for providing Canada Post with a testimonial about how the Neighbourhood Mail service helped you meet your business goals. As a Canada Post Expert Partner, we can  work quickly with Canada Post to determine if you are eligible.

For more information on Canada Post’s Neighbourhood Mail service, call us at 604 333 5537 or email me, Lorraine Duclos at