Hemlock Harling introduces high-speed, high-volume polywrapping services for distribution, fulfillment or mailing. Our Sitma Polywrapper is installed with one shuttle feeder and five rotary feeders. Output capacity up to 10,000 copies per hour for products up to a maximum height of 1.18 inch. Feed a book or carrier, add up to five onsert or insert pieces and wrap and seal in polyethylene plastic.

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Download our Polywrapping equipment sheet (PDF).


Polywrapping (poly wrapping), or polybagging (poly bagging), involves wrapping a single sheet of film around a book, magazine or catalogue. It usually does not involve shrinking the polyethylene film around the package. (Shrink wrapping refers to wrapping and heat-shrinking products in polyolefin film.)

Protection and postal savings are two key motives for poly bagging a publication. Subscribers expect their magazines to arrive unravaged by mail-handling systems. Cover coatings do offer scuff resistance, but nothing protects like a poly bag.

Recent postal-regulation changes also permit the addition of ride-along pieces in a poly bag at a much lower rate than if they were mailed separately. Polywrap materials are lighter than envelopes so they can help keep your mail under the postal weight bands to save you money on postage costs.

Choose from biodegradable or recyclable polyethylene film with or without logos. We can also supply printed polywrap in full colour, allowing you to brand your publication or direct mail piece.

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