These are unprecedented times for Canada Post as we are experiencing extremely high parcel volumes while ensuring we follow the important safety measures we’ve implemented in our processing facilities. Those measures follow the guidance of public health officials and include physical-distancing in facilities that were never designed for keeping people 2 metres apart. We are working hard to respond in a responsible manner, but the reality is that the current situation has slowed our ability to process. We are posting information on all tracking pages to notify customers of the delays.


  • We continue to deliver large volumes of packages across the country; in fact this past Monday we delivered 1.81M packages. This volume is what we see during our busiest time at Peak.
  • The delivery of large/heavy items may be delayed, as we ensure proper safety procedures to protect our employees while handling these items.


Processing delays are due to higher volumes and our focus on ensuring our employees are working safely, including physical distancing measures, while responding to some short-term staffing challenges.

  • We are experiencing some delays up to 3 days in the processing of packages in Montréal, Moncton, Hamilton, Kitchener, Vancouver and Ottawa.
  • Toronto (Gateway) is managing through extremely high volumes of packages and we are experiencing delays of up to 5 days.
  • Toronto (Gateway) is experiencing delays of up to 3 days for oversized Lettermail.
  • The processing of large/heavy items may be further delayed, as we ensure proper safety procedures to protect our employees while handling these items.
  • Although we are seeing some progress, we continue to experience some delays in our Toronto Exchange Office due to delays in customs clearance.
  • We anticipate experiencing some challenges in getting access to trailers and yard capacity this week to perform pick-ups in the GTA. We are asking customers to ensure that trailers are full before being pulled from their facilities. Unfortunately, customers may receive notifications of pick-ups being delayed or cancelled.
  • Customers who can perform splits that would segregate the volumes destined for the GTA vs the volumes for the rest of the country are asked to please reach out to their Service Representative as this would help us greatly.
  • In the event that we are unable to supply equipment (monos, pallets), it will be important to adhere to the guidelines to prepare shipments to ensure the safety of our employees and efficient offloading and processing. Reference:
  • Based on the information provided above, please set expectations of delays with your respective customers.

Please visit our website for updates and alerts related to specific communities that may be significantly affected by the COVID situation.

We appreciate your business and we will continue to keep you updated on our progress.  If you have any questions about the contents of this note, please contact your dedicated Customer Service representative.

Canada Post Customer Service