COVID-19 has radically changed the landscape of how we do business, highlighting the need to remind loyal customers and prospective new ones about how they can now engage with your services. Whether it’s through scaled-up online accessibility, new services such as curbside pickup, delivery or take out, or helpful wayfinding at your location, it’s critical your messaging is clear and effective. Two great ways to achieve that goal are direct mail, complementing your digital outreach programs in an increasingly crowded landscape, along with onsite signage to help your customers better understand how to navigate your new way of interacting in person.

Hemlock Harling is here to help.

We can assist your Direct Mail outreach with database analytics that refine your audience, lower your costs and drive increased revenues for your business, online or on-location. To do this effectively, it’s essential to have clean data. Address correction is by far the most important step in keeping your data up to date, as an average of 15% of data changes each month. Direct mail campaigns will be far less effective if they don’t reach the right individuals’ mailbox. Keeping accurate data ensures that you use the same contact list longer.

Once you have your database contact list and have formatted it, we verify, update and reduce bad data and any duplications , helping you not only save on postage but on the print and labour aspects of your project budget. Our long-established partnerships with leading North American list providers can provide unique insights through targeted and specific geographic, demographic, behavioural and lifestyle segmentation.

And if your physical location continues to operate, you’ll want to be sure your customers are fully clear on your adaptive methods of doing business, including your new hours, how and where to access your store, physical distancing guidelines and more. Now Hemlock Harling can support all those graphic signage needs – working with our sister company Hemlock Printers’ dedicated Display division, we have the capacity and expertise to customize a solution for you.

Our collective success in enduring these challenging times will be based on resiliency, adaptability and creativity in trying new ways to connect with the folks who help make your business what it is – we hope Hemlock Harling can provide you some meaningful support to get us all through this.